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Month: February 2018

What a Competency-Based Approach to Hiring Could Mean for Internship Programs

Employers are becoming increasingly focused on finding new ways for potential new hires to demonstrate their skills and talents in new, out-of-the-box ways. And this emerging competency-based approach to evaluating…

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13 Takeaways from GCP’s Panel Discussion on Retaining Millennial Workers

Hiring millennials seems to be a top-of-mind topic for employers. This young group of workers can bring new talent, fresh perspective and renewed commitment to your business. But what is…

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4 Reasons a High School Intern Could be a Fit for Your Business

When looking to fill internship programs, businesses oftentimes automatically go straight to college students. While these students can certainly prove to be competent internship candidates, these businesses might also want…

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The Northeast Ohio Talent Gap: How International Students Can Help Fill in the Talent Pipeline

As far as Joe Cimperman is concerned, the greatest threat to the future prosperity of Northeast Ohio is easy to pinpoint.It’s an inability to fill in the talent gap that…

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How to Structure Your Internship Program for Maximum Impact

The old stereotype of interns doing little more than making copies or performing other administrative work certainly is not the case at Westfield Group in Westfield Center. Rather, interns who…

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The Legal Ramifications of an Internship Program

In the lead up to the Third Annual Cleveland Internship Summit on Feb. 27, Mind Your Business will be running a series of articles previewing some of the sessions that attendees will…

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