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Year: 2021

Informational Interviews: A Step-by-Step Guide for Students and Young Professionals

The importance of building a strong network cannot be understated. Networking allows you to grow as a professional and can allow access to new opportunities in the future. In fact,…

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Apprenticeships: A Viable Alternative to College you Should Consider

What if I told you that attending college is not the only way to get started in a stable, lifelong career with upward trajectory and great benefits. And that you…

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Students: How Important is Professional Experience and What to do Without an Internship?

COVID-19 radically changed the workplace landscape and students did not go unscathed. In fact, 13% of students ended up delaying their graduation while “40% lost a job, internship, or a…

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Re-imagining your internship program

In the spring of 2020, we knew summer internships were likely going to be canceled or fully virtual. Planning for that was challenging but once we determined which direction to…

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