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5 Ways to Grow Your Business with Interns

Written by Angela Finding

If you’ve thought about growing your business, you’ve likely thought about expanding your internal staff. But have you thought about hiring new interns?

To some employers, interns may seem like a burden—you’ll have to train them and teach them for several months, and there’s no guarantee that they’ll stick around once the internship is complete. However, there are many ways your business can grow through the adoption of new interns, and all of them are beneficial:

  1. An extra hand. For starters, you’ll have an extra hand around the office. That doesn’t mean you can turn your intern into an errand runner—you’ll still need to give them a valuable experience—but as they become trained, they’ll be able to take some work off your plate and facilitate a better office environment.
  2. Sales and connections. Your intern will serve as a gateway to new connections and knowledge in the college community. If your target demographics are college students, this could be an enormous advantage.
  3. New hires. The majority of employers develop internship programs specifically to attract more full-time talent to their teams. And it makes sense—if you find a talented, energetic, like-minded intern, you’ll want them to stay on board. Plus, they’ve already been trained in the position and are familiar with the company. About 90 percent of jobs offered to interns are accepted, so you’ll have a good chance of keeping your winning talent.
  4. Future connections. Even if you don’t plan on hiring your intern, their future career could be valuable to you. Imagine they end up working for a company you’re trying to sell your products and services too—they could put in a good word, and help you secure the deal. Once they enter the job market on their own, they’ll be an instant and valuable connection point for you.
  5. More interns. Finally, every new intern you accept and train will help you make your internship program better (and more appealing). That means you’ll attract even better talent in the future, and maintain a stream of interns to help your business grow.

If you’re ready to start growing your business with interns, you should start looking immediately. Businesses start looking for candidates as early as five or six months before their intended start dates, though there are no strict cutoffs for internship recruiting. Remember, your internships should benefit the interns taking part in them, so the more you put into your program, the more you (and they) can get out of it.

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