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6 Internship Advantages for Cleveland Businesses

Written by Angela Finding

Cleveland is a great place to start your business, grow your business, and build an engaging internship program.

  1. The Cost of Business is Less in Cleveland

The cost of doing business in Cleveland is lower than the average American city. Not only is it easier to make a profit and grow your business in Cleveland, but the decrease in cost allows you to grow your internship program. Keep your internships competitive and desirable by offering pay; by offering paid internships, you increase your chances of getting a great intern that will benefit your business without breaking your budget.


  1. Lots of Students Need Internships

There are more than 20 colleges in Cleveland, and that number increases if the surrounding areas and suburbs are included. This creates a huge intern pool for your business to choose from and increases your chances of hiring the best candidate for your business.


  1. Your Small Business Can Benefit from Big Talent

Internships offer students the ability to gain on-the-job training and learn from your business. Because Cleveland has a high density of college students, you can benefit from driven, career-oriented students that will help grow your business while you give them real world experience.


  1. Candidates Are Competitive

Considering more than 70 percent of college students gain jobs through internships, this creates a competitive intern pool. With a higher level of competition, students are more likely to work hard, make a better impression, and improve your business with minimal pay in exchange for networking and job opportunities.


  1. Cleveland Is Diverse

A diverse workplace can lead to a better company culture, higher employee retention, and give your business an edge in an increasingly globalized market. By owning a business in Cleveland, you’re already at an advantage by operating in a diverse metropolitan area filled with students from different ethnic, educational, and social backgrounds. Striving for a diverse internship program is easy when you already operate in a cultural enclave like Cleveland.


  1. Professional Organizations Help Facilitate Internships

Hiring an intern in Cleveland is easier than ever by utilizing professional organizations that funnel possible candidates to your business. These organizations and the events that they host will help you find internship candidates in a more relaxed setting and get a feeling for their skills, goals, and how they can help grow your business.

Your Cleveland business can benefit from the competitive nature of this college-saturated environment and help you make the city, and your business, a great place to work.


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