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7 Little Touches That Will Impress Your Employer

Written by Angela Finding

To make a good impression on your boss, try out these seven extra touches to practically guarantee success.

  1. Ask for Feedback

Your employer may give you feedback without your request, but be sure to ask for pointers or see if there’s anything you could do better. This will show you care about your job performance and are always looking to improve.

  1. Get Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Be sure to do things that are outside of your expertise, learn new things, and always ask your co-workers if they need help with anything. You’ll never get noticed if you only do the simple tasks you’re assigned. Branch out and get creative to impress your boss.

  1. Do Your Homework

An employer loves it when they don’t have to explain company policy to an intern. In fact, an intern’s knowledge about a company is one of the most frequently asked questions during an internship interview. Be sure to study up on the place you’re interning, learn about the company’s history, services, products, and employee protocol.

  1. Stay Off Your Phone

Staying focused at work should be obvious, but remember that if your phone isn’t crucial to your internship, then you don’t need to have it on you. 55 percent of the time wasted at work is spent using a phone and texting. Phones can distract from your job and allow you to languish in downtime. If you need something to do, ask your co-workers for a task, don’t pick up your phone.

  1. Find a Mentor

Finding a mentor is a great way to impress your boss because it shows you’re interested and engaged in learning the job and you’ve got drive to make connections. Not only that, but you get to learn the ropes with another person guiding you along the way.

  1. Be Dedicated

Internships usually have a certain set of hours, but if you need to stay over, come in early, work during lunch, be willing to sacrifice that time to make the best impression possible. Your hard work and commitment will pay off when your boss notices your dedication.

  1. Get Your Hands Dirty

As an intern, you may be asked to do some unglamorous work like getting coffee, running errands, or taking care of problems no one else wants to deal with. Take these dirty jobs in stride and learn as much as you can from every experience.

Work to impress your boss by being dedicated, driven, and curious during your internship.

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