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Four Reasons Why Fun Should be Part of Your Internship Program

Written by Angela Finding

Your internship program has officially kicked-off and you know your interns will have a rich learning experience…but will they also have fun? And should they have fun? The short answer is yes!

Having a fun internship experience does not mean interns will be less productive. But it will likely contribute to them feeling more comfortable and confident in their experience and lead to more productivity. It is a win/win! Below are four reasons why having fun should be an important component of any successful internship program.

1. Having fun together increases bonding among colleagues. Allowing and encouraging activities where employees and interns can have fun together leads to a positive team environment and increases communication.

2. Having fun can also increase their motivation to work more. Not only do fun activities build bonds between people but fun can also increase their desire and motivation to work and accomplish more.

3. Fun can foster creativity. Because of the reasons stated above, a comfortable environment can lead to the development of new ideas and the confidence to share them. Many employers say that a benefit of interns is that they bring fresh, new ideas to their organizations.

4. There is actually science behind having fun and learning. Neurologist, Judy Willis shows in her book, how fun experiences increase levels of dopamine, endorphins, and oxygen – all things that promote learning. (Growth Engineering, 2018)

There are many ways to incorporate fun into your internship programs that will not be disruptive to work. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Community activities or service projects
  2. Special lunches
  3. Team activities that encourage friendly competition
  4. Nontraditional meetings – Veer away from your usual meeting style and do something “outside the box.”
  5. Happy hours
  6. Team “field trips” – Take the team to do something fun like a baseball game or a tour of a museum. Be local tourists!
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