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Why Hire an International Intern? 5 Hidden Benefits

Written by Angela Finding

Have you ever thought about hiring an international intern? If not, maybe you believe that international interns are more difficult to obtain, or maybe you prefer to have a domestic student as an intern.

However, there are some serious advantages to placing an international intern in your company, making it worth your consideration. These are just five of the most important benefits:

  1. Diversity. First, you need to recognize the importance of diversity in the workplace. Having employees (or interns) from different backgrounds, cultures, and countries helps you develop a broader perspective as an organization, and makes you more valuable as a prospective partner. Global companies like EY, Kaiser Permanente, and PwC are leading the way in diversity and inclusion, and they’re already seeing impressive results.
  2. Creative ideas. Living in the United States imbues us all with a certain pattern of thinking, but an international intern will see things from a different perspective. That perspective matters when it comes to generating new, creative ideas; an international addition to your team will help you come up with more innovative concepts.
  3. Adaptability. International interns will usually be new to the area, and flexible with their availability and location. This gives you more wiggle room to find the perfect fit for your organization.
  4. International knowledge. If your company currently operates on an international scale, or plans to in the future, having an international intern in house could be the ideal asset to ensure a successful transition. Your intern will have in-depth knowledge of their home country’s language and culture, which you can use as a conduit to connect to those countries.
  5. Fixed goals. Interns who travel to the United States for an internship opportunity usually know what they’re after. Some will be looking for placement in a full-time job, and others will be looking for a temporary stay to gain experience. Either way, they’ll know their main goals in advance, and you’ll be able to plan around them.

If you’re going to hire an intern, consider sourcing an international candidate. They’re often strong contenders and carry unique advantages.

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