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How to Motivate Students to Find More Internships

Written by Angela Finding

In an increasingly competitive job market, it’s important to motivate students to get the experience they need with internships.

Let Them Know They Could Make Money

Most internships are unpaid, but there are significant opportunities for students to earn paid internships as well. 97 percent of employers who plan to hire interns intend to pay them an average hourly wage of over 16 dollars. That is a significant payday for a college student who may have no other form of income.

Most Employers Want Internship Experience

If money isn’t a factor for students, but you still want to encourage them to get an internship, let them know a staggering 95 percent of employers consider job experience a key factor when hiring new people. An internship is a great way to get that experience and have the resume to back it up.

Internships for College Credit

For students who aren’t convinced by a paycheck or experience, making internships a requirement for a class is always a motivator. As an educator, form part of your curriculum around students getting internships and reporting back about their experiences.

Professional Contacts Are Invaluable

In the professional world, it’s all about who you know and internships are the number one way to gain professional contacts. Let your students know that internships not only offer them a wealth of experience, but a chance to network with mentors in their desired careers.

The Experience Is Unparalleled

Be sure to let your students know that college is an excellent starting point, but an internship will infinitely increase their knowledge of the job field, everyday tasks and interactions, and deliver imperative hands-on job experience.

Internship Is Becoming the New Requirement

Considering a significant number of employers value relevant work experience, internships are becoming mandatory to gain a career after college, even if it’s not required by a college or university. Encourage your students to make themselves competitive in the job market by getting an internship, joining professional organizations, and growing their professional contact base.

With the increased importance of internships, encouraging students to pursue pre-graduation work has never been more important. Encourage students with the prospect of money, experience, contacts, college credit, and preparedness for the workforce with an internship.

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