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The Northeast Ohio Talent Gap: How International Students Can Help Fill in the Talent Pipeline

Written by Shawn Turner

As far as Joe Cimperman is concerned, the greatest threat to the future prosperity of Northeast Ohio is easy to pinpoint.

It’s an inability to fill in the talent gap that exists between companies and potential employers.

Cimperman, president of Global Cleveland, sees companies all around Northeast Ohio that are having a difficult time filling positions, so those jobs stay vacant for long periods of time. One easy solution to filling in this talent pipeline is for companies to utilize the approximately 7,000 international students who are currently in Northeast Ohio.

This is a topic that Cimperman will delve into more deeply during his session “International Student Interns: Steps and Requirements to Hiring and Why International Talent Is Beneficial to Employers and the Community” during the Third Annual Cleveland Internship Summit.

This talk will center around not only some of the benefits looking at international students can bring (for instance, they have a tendency to stay longer and it’s a good way to audition potential full-time staffers, thus reducing the aforementioned talent gap) but also creative ways to welcome these students into area internship programs.

Get the lowdown on other creative strategies you need to create a top-notch internship program by registering today for the Third Annual Cleveland Internship Summit.

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