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Power of the Tongue: Why not learn some hard skills?

Written by Fred Moore

The current year is 2019 and the society that we live in as a people is highly diverse and breathtaking. We live in time where culture and diversity are very dominant in everyday encounters, but more or less depending on where you live. What if you as a young and upcoming adult took advantage of this and knew more than one type of language or language skill? What if a few hours a day ended up paying off after a short period of dedicated learning. This is what we would like to shine light on. Because as you aspire to become the next best doctor, manager, landscaper and or welder etc., you could be adding to your adaptability and wealth.

Ohioans and language skills

So, when we say power of the tongue this is the idea of learning a prominent or current language, whether that is nationally or around your society. This could be Spanish, German, Arabic or ASL (American Sign Language). According to Datausa, “6.95% of Ohioans are speakers of a non-English language, which is below the national of 21.5%”. This statistic is important because that means that in an era where language barriers are dominant and minority groups are growing, 93% of the people only speak English.

How can I learn these skills?

This is where we come in. Being part of this new generation, we have no problem adapting to what is conducive to the time. We are tech savvy, we are accelerated in learning styles and we have been preparing for jobs that have not even be created yet. Language is what is up and coming and we can’t miss this train. Starting while your brain is at its finest learning capabilities is best; this would be at the younger ages (1-8). This would fall under the help of your parents on getting you enrolled, but for those who don’t start at a young age this is what you can do. You can find a language that you think works best for you and began learning the language possibly through accredited online learning tools. From the perspective of a native speaker you should also find ways to speak it daily.  One example would to volunteer in an area that your chosen language is central. If its Arabic maybe find a Suk (market) to practice at.

Benefits to think about

With the general idea on the importance of language skills, let’s see why it could benefit you. The job market is booming for interpreters and translators on a local and federal level. According to the United States Department Of Labor, translators and interpreters are netting a median salary of $49,930. This is great money for youth who are working through college or even for those who take it as a career path. If this is a career path check out the CIA, they have starting wages at $88,000. The push for interpreters and people with like skills is on the rise and the good part about being in 2019 is that it’s all available online.


If you are looking to build your internal resume you should think about acquiring a language skill. The rate in which jobs are needed is immense and all it takes a little work and dedication. You can keep your daily schedule and also work on your flexibility. We as Americans are lacking on the multilingual side of society and for us to continue level up, it’s our turn to set the curve.

“The future in America, and everywhere, is multilingual” – Jeremy Engle, The New York Times

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