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Re-imagining your internship program

Written by Angela Finding

In the spring of 2020, we knew summer internships were likely going to be canceled or fully virtual. Planning for that was challenging but once we determined which direction to go, we could begin to formulate a plan. For the summer of 2021, it appears there are more questions than answers:

  • Is our program in-person, hybrid, or fully remote?
  • Will our internship supervisors be working at the office, from home, or some combination?
  • How do we plan a program with so many unanswered questions?

The good news is, we now know how to plan for the unexpected – and our internship programs are more flexible than we once thought. So once you determine if you are having a summer program AND what type of format you will have, the planning will start to fall into place. This is where the NEW AND IMPROVED GCP Internship Central Employer Guidebook can help. The latest version of book explores all of the essential action items you need to consider while planning for your programs. And the book was written in 2020, during a very confusing time for employers managing internship programs. The book discusses, but is not limited to, the following topics:

  • Planning and managing an internship program
    • Recruiting and hiring,
    • Job descriptions,
    • Intern engagement, and more!
  • Diversity and inclusion in student recruitment
  • Advancing your internship (or early talent) program
    • Employer brand,
    • Virtual and project-based internships,
    • Internships and hiring strategy.

The silver lining to last year is that internship programs do not have to look and feel the same year after year. As employers, we can be creative, flexible, and innovative when it comes to our experiential learning programs – and this is a win-win for both the company and the student. It is not only important, but also essential, that our programs continue to evolve. What you will find in the employer book is guidance, ideas, and tried and true best practices that will help you grow and advance your program.

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