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How to Structure Your Internship Program for Maximum Impact

Written by Shawn Turner

The old stereotype of interns doing little more than making copies or performing other administrative work certainly is not the case at Westfield Group in Westfield Center. Rather, interns who are brought on at the company can be expected to perform the same types of duties as other employees.

Westfield’s Christopher Paterakis, who will be speaking during the “Workforce Preparedness: How Employers Are Getting Interns and New Grads More Career Ready” session during the Third Annual Cleveland Internship Summit, explains that the intern positions at the organization reflect actual positions at the company as well as work on the organization’s projects or needs at the time.

The company views these internships as learning opportunities, providing valuable experience as it relates to working in teams and participating in shared ownership for positive outcomes. The goal is that these interns walk away from their experience with a unique insider insight and perspective that they won’t get elsewhere. And, of course, there is a real benefit to Westfield, too, as the company has the chance to have some exceptional work done for it and also gets a good look at these individuals for possible future employment.

Register today for the Third Annual Cleveland Internship Summit, taking place on Feb. 27, to learn more about internship program best practices, such as what is happening at Westfield Group.

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