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The 8 Benefits of Interning at a Small to Mid-Size Company

Written by Angela Finding

Interning at a bigger company could seem glamorous, but small to mid-size companies offer their own set of unique benefits.

  1. More Personal Relationships

Considering there are fewer people working for the company, you get the chance to get to know your co-workers better and therefore increase the chances of creating a solid professional contacts base.

  1. Responsibility

Smaller companies are usually competing against huge corporations with only 10 percent of the workforce. If you intern at a small to mid-size company, odds are there will be significantly fewer interns. This gives you a chance to gain more hands-on experience and responsibility during your internship.

  1. Better References

Since people will get a chance to know you better and see you work, a smaller company is more likely to yield better formed references for your resume. Considering over 80 percent of job seekers say their professional contacts have helped them land a job, this is an extremely important part of your internship.

  1. You Stay Busy

Instead of waiting for someone to assign you a task in a sea of interns at a big company, in a small to mid-size company you’re more likely to get tasks assigned to you because you’re a more crucial part of the workforce.

  1. Forge Your Own Path

Because you have less competition and more responsibility, internships at smaller companies allow you to have more control over your experience. This way you get the chance to help on projects and make your work visible to your employers.

  1. Realistic Experience

Although it may be nice to work at a major corporation, it’s far more likely that you will start off at a small to mid-size company. Get experience working at  a smaller company so you’re ready to tackle the big corporations when the time comes.

  1. Independence is Valued

Interning at a small to mid-size business will allow you to show off your talent and embrace the tasks given to you. Independence is important in a small work environment because people are more likely to count on you completing tasks instead of just assigning you random busy work.

  1. Mentorship

Working closely with your employers is not only great experience, it’s a chance to gain insight into your desired job field. Because you stand out from the crowd, take the opportunity to ask your employers questions, offer insight, and gain insider knowledge.

There are lots of benefits to working at a small to mid-size company for your internship, now you must embrace the experience.

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