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The Secret of Successful Mid-Size Company Internships

Written by Angela Finding

Creating an internship program for a mid-size company is difficult. Small companies don’t have as many resources to work with, but they have the advantage of offering closer professional relationships and a family-like environment. Bigger companies can lose that closeness, but also have a deep pool of resources and tremendous appeal to young professionals; for example, Google gets about 40,000 internship applications every semester.

So how can you be successful in the creation and execution of your mid-size program? The secret is to take advantage of the size you have.

Taking Advantage of Your Size

You may not have the same benefits as a small or large business, but there are some unique characteristics you’ll want to use to your advantage:

  • Decreased competition. Approximately 65 percent of college students end up graduating with some internship or co-op experience. That means there’s a ton of competition out there, and internships are more important than ever. Most interns will flood the inboxes of massive companies, so you can advertise your availability to attract more and better candidates.
  • Advertising resources. You may also have more spending power than your small business counterparts. Use your resources to advertise your internship strategically. Find out where your target demographics are most likely to see your posts, and purchase your way to more visibility.
  • Mid-size companies will be able to offer interns more connections; they can connect interns with other players in the area, and offer more employees to meet in-house (without acquiring that massive-corporation feel). Make sure you mention this advantage in all your internship postings.
  • Multiple interns. As a mid-size business, you can probably afford to have multiple interns at once. This is a benefit for most interns, since they won’t be going through the experience alone, and a benefit for you, because you’ll be able to train multiple new people simultaneously.
  • Quality job offers. Finally, you’ll be able to make excellent job offers at the end of the internship; you can likely pay more than a very small business, and offer more immediate hands-on-experience than a large business. If your intentions are to hire your interns (assuming they perform well), this is something you’ll want to showcase.

As a mid-size business, it’s possible to create internship programs that attract great talent and reward your interns. Use what you have to your advantage.

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